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Meet The Dairy Daughters

Meet Shelby Dressel

Shelby Dressel, the lead singer and guitarist of Dairy Daughters Duo, was born and raised in Avon, Florida. She began at an early age humming to her own tune on the 1,000-cow dairy farm her family then owned in Avon Park, Florida. Her youth was filled with 4-H projects and showing livestock, and she credits FFA with helping her to find her voice. As an eighth grader, she won the Florida State FFA Convention’s talent show, and following high school graduation, she auditioned for American Idol. After earning a trip to Hollywood, she knew music was the path she wanted to follow.

Both she and Megan moved to Nashville at age 19, finding their way to the stage at the famous Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge. This venue for emerging country music artists, which is just across a narrow alley from the Ryman Auditorium, became the home away from home for the two of them.

Meet Megan Gertken

Megan Gertken is the fiddler and back up vocalist of this dynamic duo. She spent her youth immersed in both farm life and music. Growing up her family milked 60 cows near Albany, Minnesota. With a pitchfork in one hand and a fiddle in the other, Gertken was no stranger to a hard day’s work, which she did to the tunes of country and bluegrass music. “There was always music everywhere, in the house, in the barn – every shed you walked into had music,” she says.

In a city where it may be easy to be blinded by neon lights, the Dairy Daughters find their strong family relationships and values are what keep them grounded. They make it a high priority to do shows at their old stomping grounds, traveling back to Minnesota and Florida a few times a year. “We like to stay close to our people,” Gertken says.

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